Vizsla Babushka

Hoodie for the hound
keeps the ears from flapping loose
she can’t shake it off.
The pantyhose trick worked for a while yesterday, but it seemed rather constricty and needed constant monitoring to keep it from slipping back over her ears (I realize the original commenter used duct tape on the hose, but to me the hope was in part to get away from taping her up). So I got creative. This is just a tube made of cotton fabric (breathable, which is important if yeast is a problem), with a non-stretchy drawstring at the top. Roughly stitched together last night, it fits fairly loosely over the ears – she can still perk them up, she just can’t get full extension when she shakes, thus eliminating the whipcrack effect – and hangs down her neck. It doesn’t get in her way, it doesn’t cut off any bloodflow, and most importantly with the drawstring tied under her chin and in front of her ears (with the loose ends tucked inside), she can shake all she wants without hurting herself and without pulling it off in either direction.
It’s fair to say she loathes it, but it works wonders for my piece of mind. And yes, I’m aware that it resembles a burkha, but it’s this or battling pantyhose and tape, with all the fur-pulling and drama those entail.
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10 Responses to Vizsla Babushka

  1. Poor babushka! She is such a sweet puppy, too, to put up with all that.

    Here’s hoping she mends quickly!

  2. julie says:

    Of course, she only tolerates it as long as bossy people are near. I had to run errands this afternoon, and by the time I returned she had triumphantly removed it, and proceeded to baptize my living room with a fine spray that’ll probably result in demonic possession of my electrical equipment. So for healing purposes, she’s back to square one. When I do errands tomorrow, she’s getting the e-collar and a dose of benadryl.

    Dang pooch – if only a reasonable explanation would suffice…

  3. Lucy says:

    Oh dear, my heart goes out, been there, done that!
    The e-collar will be a relief, I hope it gets sorted soon. She does look awfully sweet as baboushka!

  4. Rocket says:

    Oh no! What have they done to you? It sounds like your parents are trying their best.

    Do you have food allergies? Maybe that’s making you itch?


  5. julie says:

    I’ve wondered about food allergies, Rocket. Their diet is so limited, though – basically Iam’s and plain yogurt, with the occasional Scooby snack, dental treat, and rawhide chew thrown in. We don’t often feed them table scraps (I can’t handle the indigestion). They also get peanut butter (helps the benadryl go down), but there’s been no adverse reaction there. The biggest culprit could possibly be the yogurt, I suppose; perhaps I’ll seek out something else to add to her food for shiny coat. The breeder recommended cottage cheese or soft-boiled egg (our vet is opposed to raw foods). But it’s usually worst after she’s been running around outside for a while, jamming her head into various bushes on a hunt for birds, and lately there’s been some eye goo as well. Since nothing else has changed dietarily, it’s most likely seasonal allergies.

    I love your site, by the way – Rocket seems to have a combination of traits of both of my girls. And he’s quite handsome, too!

  6. Linda says:

    Oh, poor Pups! Ian’s quote: “Why is that dog wearing a diaper on its head?” Quite a fashion show, which I am sure is probably driving her nuts. You are very resourceful, I must say!

    I hope you find the source of the problem. I would not be surprised by allergies.

  7. julie says:

    I’m going to try giving the soft-boiled egg instead of yogurt with dinner this week. It would be nice if it’s that simple, anyway…

  8. Carol says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading about your struggles with ear wounds in your dogs – I have a lab dane cross who first injured his right ear in the fall, and now his left has opened as well. We figured out that when he shook his head he was hitting the tips of his long ears on his metal tags… grrr. We’ve tried all sorts of things such as you mention here. The only thing that helped was (after his right ear developed a huge hematoma) was surgery to correct the hematoma and at the same time, the vet cauterized the ear wound. NO worries after that. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t do it earlier because they need to put the dog under to do it (or so we were told). They only did it during the surgery because he was already under. But with this second wound, I think we’re going to have to get it cauterized before he ends up with another painful hematoma in that ear too. Besides, my house looks like a crime scene and we just finished washing all the walls and ceilings from the last one, and the wound is making him antsy and aggressive with the pain.

    As for allergies, we have discovered that our dog is violently allergic to beef (including rawhide) and chicken (including eggs) all of which give him horrible itchiness in his paws and ear infections like crazy. He’s now on an all vegetable diet but it doesn’t seem to be working, so he might also have contact allergies (dust, cats, etc). It’s a saga, and an expensive one – getting his first ear corrected ended up costing $500 (plus the money we put out trying different methods ourselves, plus cleaning and losing some items due to blood “damage”). The second ear will likely be about $350. But it’ll be worth it, and it’ll be done. I’m leary of putting him under again but will speak with the vet about perhaps sedating him but not putting him under.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. julie says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Carol – how frustrating! You have my deepest sympathies, and I hope you’re able to get it cauterized soon.

    I’ve decided to switch my girls from yogurt with dinner to soft-boiled egg, in case there’s a dairy allergy, but it’s undoubtedly seasonal as well. The hood has really been working like a charm; she can still shake, but she doesn’t hurt herself in the process (and she can’t whack the tips on anything, either). She can slip out of it, but she minds well enough that when I’m home she doesn’t usually try, and I can put it back in place before any damage is done. When I can’t be home with her, the e-collar completely prevents her from taking off the hood.

    One other benefit of the hood – it seems to be keeping the dust and dirt out, to some degree, which may also be useful against the seasonal allergies. It looks silly, but it’s a solution I can live with.

  10. luvlatins says:

    Looks awful. I had a Lab years ago. I bought him from a puppy mill and he developed what they said were serious allergies. His hair began falling out in clumps and he could not walk, he used to hobble around. After some steroid shots (too many to mention) I was told to put him down. I could not do it so as a last resort I called my sister law who lives on a farm in Florida and she agreed to take him. After living with her for about 6 months, as an OUTSIDE dog, and being on only dry dog food his hair stopped falling out he recovered. He is now 10 years old and while he know has cancer and his teeth have fallen out at least he lived 10 years and a fairly good life. My lad used to get all kinds of table scraps from my wife (a good Italian girl) and my in laws used to give him tons of human snacks.

    Now I just bought a Vizsla from a professional breeder and this time NO HUMAN FOOD AT ALL. I don’t know if the table scraps added to my first dogs problems but after my first experience with SERIOUS allergies, I am not taking any chances. Is your home carpeted ? I hope you find the source of the problem as I know how horrible it can be if its allergies.

    I wish you much success, your Dog is beautiful.

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