Small Woes

Valiantly, she

resists the maddening itch;

help is on the way.


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6 Responses to Small Woes

  1. walt says:

    Small woes for them — BIG worries for us!

  2. julie says:

    Big worries, indeed. I think I’ve finally found something that will work, though. The product I linked has 94 product reviews, 90 of which give a rating of 5, the other four a rating of 4. It’s an enzymatic-type cleaner for the ears, and from my experience with other types of enzymatic products I have high hopes for this one. I gave her the first round of drops this morning, but it’ll probably take a few days to see how effective these are.

    I’ve been lucky, though – she’s really an amazing dog. Through all the pain and torment (and some days, it looks absolutely agonizing), she tries very hard not to shake her head and scratch her ears, and when I have to clean them she generally takes it with extreme patience, even when the cleaning obviously hurts even more. If it were the other dog, the torture would most likely be mutual.

  3. julie says:

    A brief update, for those looking for a solution for their dog’s chronic ear troubles.

    It is impossible to over-sing the praises for this product, Zymox Otic. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, it completely cleared her ears of all redness, itchiness, odor and general strife within about two or three days. As a result, she’s like a new dog: more confident (and a bit more of a poop), and we’re delighted to see the renewal of puppyish spunk. She’s too young to be an old dog.

    So if you’re here for ear troubles, do save yourself time and a lot of money and try this stuff.

  4. QP says:

    How’s the Zymox working?

  5. QP says:

    Didn’t see your update.
    Good to know about this product.
    And wonderful to know she’s healed and perky.

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