Our Girls

Snoozing in the sun

eases up a tender joint

warm up for play time


We got the biopsy results back yesterday, with badgood news. The bad is that it’s cancer. The good is that it’s in the cartilage, which means it’s a much less aggressive form, with a low likelihood of spreading. She’ll lose the leg, but probably won’t need chemo, and there’s a decent chance she’ll have a few more good years (as opposed to the one-year prognosis had it been bone cancer). It’s like being given a reprieve.

She still seems to think she’s just fine; last night she was sprinting around like a lunatic, wrestling with the other pooch (to our consternation – one would think that having a lump the size of half a golf ball on the knee would slow her down a bit, or at least give a twinge. Her pain threshold has always been astounding).

Anyway, that’s where things stand.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers.

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8 Responses to Our Girls

  1. walt says:

    Oh, ouch!
    I didn’t realize her problem was so serious! I know you guys love your critters, and this will be when you can really make it count, by helping her get through it. I’ll pray for all of you . . .

  2. julie says:

    Thanks, Walt. We already knew that, no matter what happens, it’s vital they both know how much their people love them. It’s the best we can do, maybe the only thing that matters. Thankfully, in a weird way, Lyra is no stranger to hardship. We already know she’s the very embodiment (caninification?) of grace in the midst of torment. I suspect she’ll handle all of this far better than we will.

  3. Dogs are such good teachers, meaning that every bit of care and affection you give will come back tenfold. They will get you through this because they know you’d do anything for them.

    They both radiate such peace. That won’t go away.

  4. QP says:

    Just when I was relaxing into my doggy self by looking at your snoozing girls, I read the glitch. My sister had an Irish Setter with three legs who lived a long full life. May Z as well.

  5. julie says:

    Thanks, Qp – that’s what we’re hoping for.

  6. Linda says:

    Lyra’s spirit and grace will carry her through this. I was amazed at her ability to continue on in spite of pain. One day at a time. She is a lovely dog.

  7. USS Ben says:

    Hope n’ prayers for your wonderful dog, Julie.
    And for you and DH. Hang in there.

  8. Lucy says:

    Oh Julie, I didn’t know, and you’ve been such a support to us…

    It’s so hard to remember that they don’t actually *worry* – they know pain and fear and joy and love but the abstraction of worry, or indeed embarrassment or self-pity, are not burdens they have to bear. We do that for them.

    Three legged dogs always seem very competent and cheerful, and it’s good that the cure is available. Best of luck, and prayers and good thoughts from us here.

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