Old bones imitate

eternal dream of flying

going nowhere, fast


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6 Responses to Soaring

  1. walt says:

    What we see here are the remains of a creature that put X-treme emphasis on the upper-body portion of its workout routine!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog… and I do enjoy your blog too and your thoughts and animals.

  3. mushroom says:

    I think you’re wrong, Walt.

    I say it is the remains of a pencil-necked geek.

    I’ll admit they are hard to identify sans pocket protector.

  4. many years from now
    the remains of michael phelps
    will still sell tickets

  5. Linda says:

    I liked Robin’s haiku. I need to show this to Ian as I am trying to teach him about the skeleton and different bones. This might do the trick. 🙂

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