Friday Portait, September 26

Today’s sitter was June. She had a positively radiant smile, but unfortunately it vanished and she got a bit sleepy as soon as she sat down (a frequent problem with our more elderly subjects, alas). So I did what I could.

The first sketch.

The cross is there for measurement; I’m not sure how much it helped, today.


The sketch today isn’t bad, I think, but there was an element of softness and roundness to her face that is completely missing. It may be mostly due to the angle, which makes her face looks longer and leaner than it is, but the end result is that I don’t think it looked much like her.

Of course, in the above it really doesn’t look like her 🙂




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2 Responses to Friday Portait, September 26

  1. walt says:

    To my untrained eye, the very first sketch caught her likeness the best — mouth and eyes, especially. But I didn’t see her when she smiled.

  2. julie says:

    I think you’re right about the mouth and eyes. Her smile really transformed her face, though; it almost seemed like an all or nothing kind of smile – a full out high-beam grin. I don’t think I saw a middle ground.

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