Swimmer’s Itch

The red-eyed honker,

swimming for his daily bread,

asks of the wrong source.


(When I didn’t give him a handout, he and his pal honked at me in indignation. There are signs up saying “don’t feed the ducks,” but obviously people feed them anyway. I guess since these are coots, not ducks, the sign doesn’t apply. Aptly named, though. I had no idea until just now that a coot was a type of waterfowl.)

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4 Responses to Swimmer’s Itch

  1. walt says:

    Also known as Mud Hens. What you referred to as a “honk”, is technically defined as “…a grating kuk-kuk-kuk-kuk; kakakakakaka, etc.; also a measured ka-ha, ha-ha; various cackles, croaks.”

  2. Yeah but try to fit all that racket into a haiku… 😉

  3. Bob Agard says:

    Thanks for the laugh and the fabulous photo.

  4. zxvasdf says:

    Robinstarfish… I don’t see how hard it could be.

    Honk honk honk,
    Honk honk honk honk honk?
    Honk honk HONK!

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