The Opposite of Boredom

(click for full impact)

Crazy mountain man

found oneness in the ascent

spiders on his nose


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10 Responses to The Opposite of Boredom

  1. Ha ha! That’s doubleplusgood!

  2. julie says:

    One of the wonderful things about zoom lenses is they pick up so many things that it would be impossible to see with the naked eye (well, mine certainly). 😉

  3. walt says:

    A steep trail, cobwebs for brains, a stooped profile: that pilgrim looks weary to me. But who knows; maybe not!

  4. USS Ben says:

    Colossal! Magnificent! Ha ha! :^)

  5. walt says:

    In fact, I have decided that your photo image shall —-> di-rectly to tomorrow’s Froth; if you swing by in the morning, you will note the likeness!

  6. mushroom says:

    The old man of the mountain’s coming home.

  7. Linda says:

    So this is what you were doing after the concert! 🙂

  8. Bob Agard says:

    yes, the opposite of boredom

  9. gentledove says:

    Doesn’t anyone see him carrying a bone?

  10. julie says:

    Now that you mention, holy crikey! There is a bone in his hand! Good eye, Gentledove 😀

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