Dances With Dogs


Little Miss B cries

“Bring it on, Doggies!” Fearless,

she wants to wrestle


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7 Responses to Dances With Dogs

  1. meanwhile a red scarf
    crawls away like zapata
    fight another day

  2. mushroom says:

    That’s a neat effect.

    Ho, Robin!

  3. Skully says:

    it was all a blur
    a moment in time captured
    red juggernauts dance

  4. Linda says:

    Those pups are going to have a marvelous time this week! Wow!

  5. walt says:

    You guyz are having just a little too much fun this week! Don’chu feel guilty at all?

  6. julie says:

    Master Walt, this week I am extremely Thankful, and therefore have no room for guilt 😉

  7. Bob Agard says:

    This pic reminds me of Sara. When humans fail to appreciate her personality, there are always the dogs with whom to run and romp. Hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving.

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