A Momentary Thought(lessness)

“Hi. My name is Julie, and I’m a complete and utter fool.”

See, it’s good to be able to admit that. So that, as is often the case, when I have a problem with something and ask an expert for advice, and they give me that look (and even if they have a poker face, I know they must be marveling that I’ve managed to get through life thus far apparently intact; it’s something I find astounding on a near daily basis, anyway), I can just smile and acknowledge the painfully obvious fact that I might as well stamp “Noob” on my forehead. The benefit of this is that said expert is then usually happy to assist in my enlightenment.

Also, I may be a fool, but I haven’t yet failed the “Is it plugged in?” test.

But it’s only a matter of time.


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One Response to A Momentary Thought(lessness)

  1. Skully says:

    Aye, lass, I know the feelin’. But noob spelled backwards is boon. It’s when you don’t pass the plug in test that you hafta worry.

    It reminds me of that guy you mentuioned at Amazon the other day, who was still upset over not bein’ accepted as a student. You sure ain’t that foolish, and I’m quite certain that any Master or Sage would accept you as his student since you gno you don’t know everything and you’re willing to learn. :^)

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