(click for holy frickin’ HUGE!)

Peering down into

the expounding microverse

it’s peering right back!


That noise you hear? That would be me, making giddy little sounds of utter delight. I’m getting the hang of this Eyeclops gizmo, and with the help of a good flashlight and a piece of clear plastic (for a stable, transparent surface to help stay in focus), I’m getting some interesting images; so much so that I just couldn’t wait. When I uploaded my initial pictures this morning, I was surprised at how big they actually are – I was expecting some grainy 400 x 600 size photos, but if you click the pic you’ll see they’re quite a bit bigger.

Focusing is tricky – it could definitely have been designed better, but since they made this as a kids toy they probably figured it didn’t matter much; I can live with it. This gizmo also does video, but I don’t have any plans for that yet.

That’s a leaf, by the way.


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4 Responses to Look!

  1. I’m giddy with ya. Amazing! And you beat me to my close-up series too.

    There’s way more than twenty bucks worth of fun in that little gizmo.

  2. I’m impressed and puzzled!


  3. julie says:

    It’s basically a very inexpensive portable microscope-cam. The flashlight is for an alternate back-light source, since the LEDs inside by the lenses are woefully inadequate (on mine, anyway). You can also get some pretty decent lighting from the sun, if you angle it just so, but it’s much trickier.

    As to the eye in the leaf, well, I’m not sure how it got there, either πŸ˜‰

  4. QP says:

    This looks so intriguing I’m buying one for my 7 year old grandaughter’s birthday. Yea. In a couple of weeks, I get to play with one too.

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