Friday Portrait, January 16


Again, this is the final version; for the process click the read more button.

p1110554Today’s sitter was Jennifer, who was utterly delighted to sit for us today. I think she’s the most good-natured psych nurse I’ve ever met.

This is a rare occasion where I like the computerized version better than the real thing. My favorite moment in this process was actually the first step; it felt like I never found my groove. I think I was working too small.

p1110555I think what I like about this is the elemental figure is there, but completely unsaturated.

But of course, you can’t stop with the first step.






And the final again:


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5 Responses to Friday Portrait, January 16

  1. dloye says:

    The blue/orange contrast makes this effort very lively. Hard to believe you have a model sitting still. She looks ready to jump up and make coffee. Thanks again for sharing these. I do enjoy watching your portraits grow.

  2. walt says:

    Sometimes my eyes just go to the irrelevant, so maybe this observation is irrelevant. But what jumps out at me again this week is the background, more than the subject. This week it is the “lines” in the background, which show a freedom of movement that reminds me of the freedom one hopes for, for instance, in doing calligraphy. Always interesting!

  3. julie says:

    That’s actually a good observation, Walt – I think part of my trouble yesterday was that I didn’t finish the background properly before I started the foreground, so there’s a bit of disconnect between the two; the figure didn’t grow out of the ground. The figure and ground are actually separated, as evidenced by the white space around the figure.

    I’ll have to remember that next week.

  4. QP says:

    Julie, I see in the background a lot of searching, undirected energy. Have you ever done gesture drawings? Find the core of the subject and quickly work out, not outlines, but let your hand dance step outwards. Might try this with air drawing before you put pencil to paper. Does this make any sense?

  5. julie says:

    I have done gestural drawings; you’re right, I should do them more often. I tend to do them more often with sketching than with painting. I’ll try to remember that next Friday. Thanks!

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