Bound by Light


Resting in the shade

solid light seems hard to face

it might sear you through…


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4 Responses to Bound by Light

  1. walt says:

    “seems hard to face” i.e. the need for presence.
    “it might sear you through…” i.e. the need for transparency.
    We are beckoned home-ward, i.e. en -Light- enment. It’s the hologram thingy.

  2. julie says:

    Indeed. The way this picture came out reminds me of some dreams I had a couple of years ago, wherein I was hiding from different types of menacing lights. Of course, the menace was all in my perception, since from the shadows the glare looks rather searing, but the last dream I had in that series helped my I’s adjust 🙂

  3. rising through the cloud
    the view from here is humbling
    magic carpet ride

  4. Skully says:

    Your dogs are on grass, Julie!

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