Tunnel Vision


Up into the depths

midday moon breaks through the clouds

bewilderness guide


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4 Responses to Tunnel Vision

  1. mushroom says:

    The light at the end
    of the tunnel of love, here
    to infinity

  2. that mirror again
    the one with no reflection
    light meter on stun

    Yeah, wow, the syncoonicity today is more than a little eerie! What’s cool is that you’re focusing directly on the light, while I turned around and used the light to explore the dark.

    Bob said yesterday, “In turn, “the impress of the limitless fulness and determinacy of God [acts] upon the abyss of cosmic potentiality” (↓). The human state is the conscious meeting place of this metacosmic (↑) and (↓), but only because O took on human form and now dwells in human nature.

    So, from this “meeting place”, the human is free to stand at the center and look outward in all directions. O!

  3. Bob expanded on the theme today:

    So is the creation ascending toward the divine, or is the divine coondescending toward the creation? I would suggest that they are ultimately the same movement looked at from different angles.

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