A Mystery Revealed

So for the past few weeks, I had been noticing that my hummingbird feeder was emptying much more quickly than it did this past fall, draining in a week or less where before it took at least a couple of weeks. Chalking it up to high winds or hummers being hungrier in the winter, I didn’t think much of it, until today.


This woodpecker cruised up, and clung to a nearby latticework to check out the scene, then hopped right on over and, in a feat of remarkable flexibility (to me, anyway – no way I can assume that position…), helped himself to the last remaining drops of nectar.


Check out that tongue!

tongueWhat a stinker – I’m torn now on whether I should fill it up again. Then again, it is rather funny, and better than him hammering away at my chimney…


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6 Responses to A Mystery Revealed

  1. Ha ha – funniest thing ever! Put a little Everclear in the mix next time, that’ll slow him down a bit. 😉

  2. DH says:

    Yeah, that’s it….. the hummingbird has been devouring all of that sweet, sweet, nectar. That’s the ticket!

  3. walt says:

    ‘Tis a Gila Woodpecker. I’ve never seen one before, even in SoCal.

  4. jwm says:

    Work hard for a grub
    Or drink sweet sugar for free
    No difficult choice


  5. QP says:

    Great shots of a clever fellow. What and honor – Think of it like the Cork Soup Kitchen for
    Feathered Friends.

  6. mushroom says:

    Just another Obama voter with his ha-, er, tongue out.

    Fortunately for you, I don’t think there are any Goldman-Sachs execs that can pull that move off.

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