useful empty space

flying buttress lifts the form

window to the void


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6 Responses to Drafty

  1. walt says:

    You see the window, and I see the frame. Is it a Eucalyptus?

  2. julie says:

    Nope, willow of some kind, in my front yard. I shudder to think how much water it requires (HOA maintains the front, including sprinklers), but it’s a beautiful tree.

  3. Some processes repeat themselves at each magnification. That is, I’ll bet an Eyeclops view would reveal the same exfoliation.

  4. julie says:

    Is that a request? 😉

    Actually, I just so happen to have an Eyeclops view of different parts of this tree, which shall be shared periodically through the weekend, but they look vastly different from the bark.

    But of course, now I’ll have to bring some in for a look-see…

  5. Is that a request?

    Do I have to spell it out? 😉 I am curious by nature.

  6. julie says:


    Well, the flower in the next post up certainly doesn’t resemble this here bark much, but I’ve discovered that the bark does indeed exhibit something of a fractal quality. Oddly enough, the sap seems to as well. But you’ll have to wait for those…

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