Portrait, Stage 3.2


About twenty minutes ago, I had an Ah ha! moment, where my eyes flicked between the faces (as opposed to focusing on an eyelid or a lipline) and I thought “Oh, hi! There you are!”

I figured that was a good point to pause for a while. I think it’s about time to do the hands and clothes, and leave the faces alone for a bit.

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5 Responses to Portrait, Stage 3.2

  1. dloye says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching this one grow too. The way you’ve built up the skin tones is wonderful. And the slightly offcentered composition gives it a tightness. That said…. Since you’re not messing with the faces for a while, (Promise you won’t) I’m going to ask about what’s been bugging me. Are your sister’s eyes as asymmetrical as they look here? Her left eye (on the right in the portrait) either pops out just a tad too much (the upper lid?) or the right eye is a bit droopy. Or is that the angle? I know, I know.. the little asymmetries are what gives a face character, but something has been niggling at me with those eyes for a while. (Upshutting…) Carry on. And please ignore me if I’m picking too much.

  2. julie says:

    I don’t mind at all – at this point, everything hinges on the little details, and if I didn’t want feedback from observant critics I wouldn’t be posting these. If you’re off by a millimeter or less around the eyes or the mouth, it can throw things out of place. I actually adjusted her eyes today, because I finally noticed how far canted they were, but there’s still a lot of fine-tuning to go, for both of them. But you’re right, on-screen the right eye looks comparatively a tad droopy (seriously – less than a millimeter; gah!). I’ll just have to try not to look at it while I’m painting, at least until tomorrow 😀

  3. walt says:

    So that “Aha!” moment is the “bridge” that GB talks about, when you joined the internal and external efforts —-> recognition! That’s the “paydirt” the artist digs for, I would think, at this stage.

    With the screens I used to build, my eye would pick it up right away if I was even 1/64th-inch out of square. In this case, I didn’t notice the lady’s eye until you two pointed it out. Your bro’ is looking very “alive” now!

  4. I don’t know what you did, but now they connect. Not the eyes – he and she. 😉

  5. USS Ben says:

    Lookin’ good! You’re definitely capturin’ the joy and love they have for each other, Julie. :^)

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