Portrait, Stage 4


Last night and this afternoon, I left the faces alone and worked on the clothes and hands. They’re fairly simple and gestural, and aside from touching up a couple spots I’ll probably leave them that way. The shiny parts on his hat are reflected from the overhead light. Tomorrow (or tonight, if i’m somehow still awake after choir), I’ll go into the faces again, hopefully for the last time, and then work on adding some depth and interest to the background. Hopefully, with just a little more work I can comfortably call it done, but I suspect there’ll be some final tidying next week.

As it is, though, I’ll have something to print out and show them this weekend (the wedding is Saturday. !! ), and it can be shipped out by the end of next week (which was the plan anyway, since I didn’t want to carry this on a plane).


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7 Responses to Portrait, Stage 4

  1. That’s looking pretty awesome. Don’t over-tinker, like I do…


  2. walt says:

    They’re gonna love it, Julie!

  3. Gecko says:

    They are too darling – full of life.

  4. QP says:

    Congratulations Julie – this is a beautiful labor of love.

  5. jwm says:

    I have heard that hands are the hardest.Even in this small jpeg though you, ‘believe’ that his left has that relaxed semi grip on the rail. That is technical excellence. More than that though, the you capture the expresions on their faces in such a manner as to leave the viewer with no doubt about the affection shared between the two. Superb, Julie.


  6. Linda says:

    I was wondering how it was going to get there! I hope that I will get to see it before it goes on its way!

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