Jewelled Crown


The strain of new growth

sends sweat rolling off the brow

tree’s blood and water


I noticed this yesterday while taking photos of the annual blooming of the peach tree. Those aren’t water drops, they’re either sap or nectar (syrupy and yes, sweet; it’s a peach tree, I didn’t figure it would poison me). On another shoot, ants were harvesting the fluid. I wonder if it’s a symbiotic thing- feed the ants yourself, and they won’t bring in the aphids to suck you dry and milk their nectar? Or could it even be a lensing effect to magnify the sun while they’re still small? Anyway, it’s something I’ve never noticed before, probably because the new leaves grow so fast, and I don’t think they extrude this stuff for very long.

Peach trees – nature’s candy store 🙂

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6 Responses to Jewelled Crown

  1. jwm says:

    That’s joy just oozing out. No haiku. I can’t count so good before coffee. But I’m going to have a peach for breakfast


  2. walt says:

    I would have assumed it was water. But the ants are a big clue, for they like ‘sweet.’ Although they seem to ignore refined sugar.

  3. mushroom says:

    I tend to think it’s more that just whatever comes out of a peach tree is sweet. As we used to say, Eat a peach for peace.

  4. Bob Agard says:

    I am struck by how different your peach trees are from mine, which so far are showing no green.

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