Surge, Illuminare


The petals of peach and nectarine blossoms, I’ve discovered, seem designed to let in the light like stained glass.


If the sun ever comes out again, I’m going to try to figure out how best to use it with the Eyeclops. With any luck, the available colors will get more interesting…


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4 Responses to Surge, Illuminare

  1. walt says:

    The veins in the petal above demonstrate the “structure,” from center to periphery. When you think about the “deriving nutrients from earth below and light from above” model, it has a certain Raccoonish flavor to it. We’d better learn to let the light in as well!

  2. jwm says:

    What is the “eyeclops”? is that a macro setting on your camera?
    By the way- great picture!


  3. mushroom says:

    Beautiful. I’m looking forward to my nectarine tree blooming before too much longer.

  4. Gecko says:

    Amazon has eclops night vision goggles as well as the regular eclops. Pretty cool though still don’t know how to describe it.
    Nice pic, Julie.

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