Friday Portrait, March 6

Today I finally went back to it. Below is the end result:


To see the process unfold, read on…

p1130565I didn’t catch her name today, but she smiled almost the entire time (sometimes bigger than that).

First, a quick sketch:

p1130563A bit off, but then that’s why I do the warmup sketches.

p1130566Since purple, green and orange were pretty much the order of the day, I went with it.




And back to the end again (click for larger view):



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7 Responses to Friday Portrait, March 6

  1. walt says:

    The green highlights in the hair tied it together nicely — without those, it might have looked unbalanced, and she would have appeared to be older than she is. Very different combo of colors this week!

  2. Linda says:

    I like the sketch too. She has a lovely smile and I liked your final.

  3. Theresa says:

    Saw that my sister-in-law Linda reads your blog, so I thought I’d pop over. I love your proverb at the top of the page and totally agree with it.
    Secondly I love the story and the sketches behind the final portrait.

  4. julie says:

    Hi, Theresa! Thanks for stopping by. Linda and Tom are great friends, and I’ve heard a lot about you. Mostly how awesome you are – they really love you 🙂

  5. Gecko says:

    Glad you are back at it, Julie. My Friday spirits are ever so much lifted when you are painting.
    Thank God you aren’t doing presidential portraits . . .0^

  6. julie says:

    Last time I went to an art league meeting, several people submitted presidential portraits for artwork of the month. Oy…

  7. Cathy says:

    It must be a joy to be artistic. Funny thing is – I feel as though I know this gal . . maybe it’s more that she seems so sunny you’d want to know her :0)

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