A clarion call

heard by bees and hummingbirds

torments sinuses


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6 Responses to Trumpet

  1. jwm says:

    Heading for the hills again myself.
    We’ll just see what the camera catches.


  2. Bob Agard says:

    sorry about the sinuses, but it is sure easy on the eyes!

  3. walt says:

    I miss the smell of citrus! I used to get hay fever in the spring, but I got lucky: eight or so years ago, it just went away! We get a ton of pollen up here later on, but it’s from all the conifers.

  4. julie says:

    I love the smell, myself – it doesn’t bother me. But we discovered this morning that The Boy is quite allergic, just like his uncle; sniffles all around. Time to bring out the air purifier.

  5. I was reading something earlier about people hearing whispers in the forest – this one’s a shout!

  6. USS Ben says:

    Prettier than snow, at this point. Ask me in July and I may have a different opinion. :^)

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