Proto Pea


This little podling

never made it to fullness

but more light comes through


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3 Responses to Proto Pea

  1. the little ones play
    dreaming of being grownups
    in god’s green garden

  2. walt says:

    I recently planted 60 pea seeds, having selected the most robust-looking from the packet; only 45 germinated. Your photo is a couple of steps back from that, where seeds are produced, but do not develop. In each step there is fullness, and abundance — but also hazard, and failure. And of course success/failure in one process is “raw material” in another.

  3. USS Ben says:

    Cool beans…er, peas! :^)

    I thought it was a piece of starfruit. It’s the same color (as an almost ripe one) and light also glares off them.

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