Hold the Line


On a curving hill

caltrops solidarity

keeps marauders out


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3 Responses to Hold the Line

  1. Caltrops are nasty! Goatheads are rife around here, the bane of bike riders and dogs. The antidote? Slime! For bikes, that is. Dogs are out of luck.

  2. jwm says:

    Goatheads up in Idaho? I thought they were just a southern California treat. I have a flat right now because of one.
    I no like goatheads.


  3. walt says:

    We knew them as “Puncture Vine” as a kid. Some would grow 8′ in diameter. Tough stuff when yer a kid and yer running around barefoot! I was unaware of caltrops — where I been? (Not in the military, obviously!)

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