Neural Net


From a central hub


odd connections grow


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4 Responses to Neural Net

  1. a phone rings in the
    medulla oblongata
    i think it’s for you

    It’s strange. I had an entirely different title/haiku prepped for today’s MZ post, but rewrote it last night because I ‘got the call’. One ringy dingy…

    The Creation of Adam

  2. julie says:

    A couple weeks ago, we finally finished a 3000 piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel. I never caught the resemblance, though – ringy dingy, indeed…

  3. mushroom says:

    I used to think love was a gas.
    Soon found out I had a heart of glass.

  4. USS Ben says:

    Ha! A Blondie song, Mushroom? :^)

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