Flame On


Breezy evening

calls aloft the flaming mouthed

over fileds of play


(click to embiggen)
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7 Responses to Flame On

  1. if those show up here
    i’m going on the attack
    scissors to kite strings

    Wow. I want one. 😉

  2. walt says:

    “I want one” was my first thought too — but I see that Robin got first dibs! I suppose I will just have to get in line … and wait …

  3. Linda says:

    Such a great kite. Wheels are turning for the next park visit…..

  4. QP says:

    Crikey. That’s some scary sight. Glad it’s just a kite & glad the guys pointed that fact out to me. 🙂

  5. jwm says:

    Not so sure signs of the apocalypse.


  6. serr8d says:

    I was thinking a pshop first, then possibly a kite; but where’s the string? I can’t make it out. Exif data says the photo’s “Ducky” quality is only at save-for-web 60%; so I guess the string just doesn’t make the cut.

    But it’s a great shot. And I want one, too~!

  7. julie says:

    Actually, the string was visible, but careful application of the clone stamp tool made it vanish 😉

    And I want one, too!

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