Pausing for a rest

near-invisible surface

reveals secret self


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4 Responses to Span

  1. Why did God give wings to the ugliest critters? A picture rife with mystery and wonder. Nightmare married to ecstasy, till death do us part.

    We humans naturally gravitate to one pole or the other, I suppose, so as to keep our little pea brains from exploding. But at the center lies the paradox of truth, the inescapable human condition of being half demon and half angel. The Way passes directly through the heart, which is both desperately evil and the chalice of love.

    The only war that matters takes place right there.

    “You can’t take it with you”, some wag said. True later maybe, but while we’re here we have no choice.

    Mothra lives.

  2. mushroom says:

    Good observation. We’re all Batman, the Dark Knight.

  3. walt says:

    There were a couple of moths just like yours plastered by the dew against the plastic covering of my greenhouse this morning.

  4. Skully says:

    LOL! Or perhaps Mothra, the Dark Knight!

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