Green Fuzzies


As it happens, yes,

I do grow my own, but they

won’t be edible.


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4 Responses to Green Fuzzies

  1. walt says:

    The “edible” part will require patience!

  2. julie says:

    It’s not patience in this case, it’s just that my peaches never seem to grow and ripen properly. They go from small, hard and green to small, hard and red, and remain mostly pit. I probably don’t water them enough, but I also suspect there’s more to it than that. But since the plants seem to thrive the most when I leave them alone, I’m reluctant to focus any attention on them 🙂

  3. walt says:

    Could be climate, could be the soil, could be the variety, or a combination of things. Are there peach orchards in your area? If not, maybe there’s a reason. Also, most nurseries sell whatever varieties their suppliers are pushing that season, without much consideration of whether the customer will ever get peaches. A very small amount of time on Google will tell you whether it’s the watering or not. Also, most plants/trees need food, i.e. proper fertilizer. It’s not rocket science — usually — but the basics that I’ve mentioned are important, er, if you are concerned enough to bother about it. Sometimes just a nice green tree is enough!

  4. julie says:

    I did try feeding them, for a couple of years when we first moved here. No help. I think your first observation is probably correct – this isn’t a very peach-friendly environment, though as a decorative shrub it thrives just fine. There aren’t any peach orchards around, that I know of, it’s all citrus. The oranges and lemons have few problems (again, except when I forget to water them); in fact, the lemons are so huge and abundant it defies rationality, since the only attention I give that tree is to try and whack it back once or twice a year.

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