robes of a dervish

swing in the delirium

of constant motion


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5 Responses to Twhirl

  1. walt says:

    You know, I watched the Mevlevi dervishes “whirl” one time, and their robes took on an appearance just about like that flower. They claim that it’s not exactly “delirium” that is derived from the turning, however.

    Beautiful photo!

  2. julie says:

    Good point – perhaps “ecstasis” would have been a more apropos term.

  3. mushroom says:

    That is a great shot.

  4. Gecko says:

    Digging your yellow period, Julie, and missing your paintings!

  5. julie says:

    Thanks, Gecko! I know I’ve been slacking on the paintings. Now that it’s June, and I have more time on my hands for a bit, I have a couple major paintings to finally finish (the ones of my brother and sister), and ideas for a few more to work on. I don’t know if I’ll be going back to the Friday group for a while, though – right now it’s that or the exercise class I’m taking, and the exercise kind of wins out. It feels too good to be getting back in shape.

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