Water Spout


Water leaps upward

in jubilant columns that

all kids love to touch


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4 Responses to Water Spout

  1. walt says:

    Now that’s a moment in time!

    (Funny how water tries to hang together even when it’s violently disrupted.)

  2. USS Ben says:

    Nice freeze frame, Julie!

    The water itself says “joy!” Now that’s art! :^)

  3. Linda says:

    water freezes in time
    now if time would just freeze this boy
    growing way too fast

    My heart wanted to stop when I saw how tall, how much older he looks in these photos. I don’t know why that isn’t apparent seeing him every day!

  4. julie says:

    That’s true – I didn’t notice until you mentioned it. He’s becoming quite the little man 🙂

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