Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Prompted by JWM’s comment, I figured I should put up a brief “what’s up?” kinda post.

I expected to be in a bit of a slump this summer, but as of Wednesday it’s more like one of those wallops from outta left field (but hopefully, with a happy ending!).

In September, I’ll be starting the requisite medications to stimulate egg development in my first IVF cycle. As a lead up to that, I’ve been put on birth control pills so that I’m in synch with the meds in September. I started my first pack Wednesday, and am now trying to cope with an unexpected and severe case of “morning” sickness. Until it’s under control (theoretically, my body will acclimate. Lord, I hope so…), I don’t have much in the way of energy or brainpower. Or patience for sitting in front of the computer for more than a few minutes at a stretch. It’s also bad enough that my niece’s trip is being postponed for a couple of weeks; it won’t be any fun for her right now if I can barely manage to get off the couch.

Mom, I can’t believe you went through this three times for nine months at a time; more than ever, you have my eternal gratitude.

Anyway, with luck the IVF will work and I can look forward to several months more of the same, so I guess it’s a good thing that I’m figuring out effective coping mechanisms now šŸ™‚

If I can get acclimated, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to posting, but if not it’s all for an ultimate good. Maybe this time next year, we’ll finally be celebrating Father’s Day!

I’ll try not to be a stranger, but I can’t promise anything.

Love Julie

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11 Responses to Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. QP says:

    This is one of those good news/bad news posts. I didn’t have morning sickness, I just had heart burn for 9 months. Anyway, I hope your condition improves soon and all goes well as planned.

  2. julie says:

    Thanks, QP – me, too! šŸ˜€

  3. Oh, Julie! How exciting! May God give you joyous “waiting” in your heart and spirit, body and soul.

    Yes, inwardly I’m alternating between squealing like a little girl just let in on a secret, and soberly offering up prayers for success.

    And stamina. . . šŸ˜€

  4. julie says:

    Thanks, Joan!

    I think I’m going to need the stamina.
    For that matter, if it’s successful I guess I’ll be needing it for a lifetime or so…

  5. Linda says:

    Here if you need anything and maybe consider this your warm-up and yes, stamina is definitely needed.

    I, too, am impressed by your mom! I was exhausted just reading that part.

    I am keeping you in good and hopeful thoughts. šŸ™‚

  6. Here’s to knocking this one out of the park, Julie. You girls have fortitude and stamina in buckets compared to us men, so you’ll do great. May you be granted every success.

  7. USS Ben says:

    I pray you get a bun in the oven soon, Julie! You will make an outstanding mom! :^)

  8. Skully says:

    I pray you get buns n’ a baby! Not sure how buns entered the picture though. Maybe I gotta read yer post again.

  9. jwm says:

    Our prayers for your success, Julie!

    John M

  10. Gecko says:

    Oh Julie, you are in my prayers along with that little being that is trying to get the timing just right for his/her arrival here. My sister in law has two boys four and six who were conceived this 21 century way and are alive and healthy. Sheesh. Sorry the preparation of the womb has such side effects but I understand that passes.
    Tomorrow we leave for the mainland (we’re in Maui) where my daughter’s little guy not yet two pounds decided he wanted to be here three months early. She is being kept in the hospital for a few weeks and will have to spend the rest of the pregnancy in bed.
    Stay positive and know that God knows what he is up to even though it can seem otherwise sometimes.
    Love, Helene

  11. julie says:

    Thanks, Helene. I’ll be praying for your daughter, too.

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