Breaking News from 1955

Did you see or hear the fight last night? We listened to it on the radio. Pretty good, wasn’t it?”


“I must go on a diet, and put out some more slug bait.”

Life changes, but some things are eternal…


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3 Responses to Breaking News from 1955

  1. walt says:

    Rocky Marciano was the only Heavyweight Champion to retire undefeated: 49 wins, 0 losses. In those days, boxing was HUGE.

  2. mushroom says:

    That’s true. My dad loved boxing and could usually score it about as well as the ringside judges. I well remember watching the Friday Night fights sponsored by Gillette — back in the days of safety razors. I also remember sitting hunched up by the AM radio listening to call of Clay versus Liston. We didn’t think much of Sonny Liston as a boxer — more of a brawler, but we were kind of shocked that the mouthy Cassius Clay beat him. Though, if I remember correctly, the first bout ended with a TKO.

  3. walt says:

    Yes, a TKO in the 7th round; Liston didn’t answer the bell. I saw the fight in a theatre in black and white. When the referee signaled it was over, Clay went nearly berserk — heh, along with the crowd. I still have the next morning’s paper. Clay was a pip.

    When they met in a rematch in Maine, Liston trained against a big guy named Nightrain Lincoln, and there were a lot of death threats relative to the Black Muslims. All parties were nervous. Liston told Lincoln he intended to take a dive, and get out of the line of fire early. Clay (now Muhammed Ali) knocked him out with a “phantom punch” early in Round 1.

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