Triple Threat


Fates take a cool break

from giving grandpa headaches

ice cream works just fine


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5 Responses to Triple Threat

  1. walt says:

    Shade … petunias … ice cream …. Tut-tut, must be summer!

  2. Eat it quick before it melts. It’s gone so fast, I must have another!

  3. julie says:

    I just realized, it must be neopolitan flavor – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate. My family covers all the bases. 😀

  4. Van says:

    Not sure why, but that picture just sent torrents of ‘endless summer’ memories coursing through me. Gonna be a rough day at work today!

    Neapolitan – the polite solution for the person who wants it all(but doesn’t want to be look too greedy).


  5. julie says:


    I hope your day isn’t too rough, Van. Or at least, if it is, I hope you can lift a beer at the end of it and go to bed with a smile.

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