Jingling bells bring all

the children a running, and

not a few grownups


When this guy pulled up and we waved for him to stop, within moments a crowd had materialized, from a previously empty street. My mom had no idea there were that many kids in her neighborhood (nor adults with a hankering for popsicles).

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4 Responses to Piper

  1. walt says:

    An example of Henry J. Kaiser’s dictum, “Find a need and fill it!”

  2. Linda says:

    My boys have supersonic hearing when it comes to ice cream trucks. They managed to score ice cream on two different occasions while at their grandparents. I have also put them in the wagon in search throughout the neighborhood when we hear it but cannot determine the location.

    Unfortunately their music burns in my brain….

  3. Great shot!

    The ice cream truck that wanders our neighborhood has a penchant for playing Christmas music. Maybe the cognitive dissonance is what brings the kids running. 😉

  4. julie says:

    Taking a lick of an ice cream cone must help to ease the dissonance – a little taste of Christmas in July. Excellent sales strategy! 😀

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