Open Hearted


Clothed in white, her arms

spread wide, she beckons the world

to her fiery core


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3 Responses to Open Hearted

  1. further up the slope
    undercover sentinels
    safeguard eden’s gate

  2. walt says:

    Mizz V has one end of a room full with Phalaenopsis, in all her favorite colors. Was this one outdoors in Spokane, or at your place?

  3. julie says:

    This was in Spokane, indoors in the same hothouse garden as yesterday’s Passion Flower. I’d pity any poor orchid (actually, any plant) that depended on careful attention from me to grow. If it needs a pot and regular watering, it is not long for this world in my domain, alas. I love plants, especially when they’re under someone else’s care 🙂

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