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So for months, now, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to figure out what in the world has been hogging my hard drive. I’m using a Mac G5 with a relatively small amount of space (80g), so have been very careful to try and keep things uncluttered. All my photos are stored on a removable hard drive, along with a ton of other stuff, and iTunes isn’t taking up that much space. But somehow, around 30g was unaccounted for, and the two or three precious gigs I kept freeing up by deleting anything extraneous were disappearing for no apparent reason. Maddening, especially when I need that space for big upcoming Photoshop and InDesign projects.

Today I discovered the wicked culprit. Mac Mail. It keeps a hidden library of thousands of copies of every email in my inbox, eating up a monstrous 24 gigs of hard drive space. My iTunes library is only 18.

For frickin’ email.

So today I downloaded the free version of MailSteward to archive what I want to keep, and am ruthlessly purging the rest, both from mail and from the library that’s been hoarding the stuff. Right now, 153,209 items are preparing to move to trash. That’s not even all of them, but it takes me up to this month, at least. it’ll probably take all night for them to actually disappear.

It’s possible that Mail may freeze up as a result, but I’m willing to risk it. Worst case scenario, I just have to check it online. Annoying, but vastly preferable to wasting space.

Now if only losing weight were so simple…

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2 Responses to Useful Stuff

  1. Dr G says:


    re: G5 full drive problem

    I have same and a shareware program “What Size” might be helpful. I now have it on all my old macs.

    Amusingly, it even has a screen that somehow seems to deal with your last referenced issue.


    Dr G

  2. julie says:

    Thanks, Dr. G – that probably would have saved me some time 🙂
    I’ll have to download a copy.

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