Deep in the bowels

hidden Self tucked away safe

longs for risky life


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3 Responses to Holding

  1. Julie, this photo reminds me of two sea stories I heard once.

    Back in the good ol days of riveted iron ships there were two workers accidently (or not) trapped in a void space. The space riveted-over. No one could hear them because of all the noise from the riveting going on round the clock. This may not only be a true story, but a common one.

    The other was told as a first hand account to me, of some modification work being done to an old aircraft carrier (very big and lots of compartments, as you know). With cutting torches they cut through a bulkhead to find a huge compartment no one had known about. It was a machine shop, never touched. All the machines there never used.

    Maybe Ben and Skully will drop by to either confirm or deny.

  2. julie says:

    That would be interesting. As huge as the hold was in that ship, I can well imagine how someone could get trapped working on the void spaces.

  3. mushroom says:

    Or, maybe he was using a dial up modem.

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