Balancing Act


I’ll take this sun spot

if you’ll take that one; maybe

we can hold them still.


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5 Responses to Balancing Act

  1. mushroom says:

    Life for these guys is so hard. It looks like something my cats would do.

  2. Brigid says:

    ha! What is it about those sun spots? Barkley gets visibly concerned if he goes out onto the deck and his usually morning spot is missing due to a cloud in the wrong place.

  3. What’s really cool is that those sunspots have been in exactly the same place for over 24 hours now!

  4. julie says:

    You, too?
    Good grief – it’s not enough that yesterday I was dreaming that Ken Burns was giving me camera pointers and this morning I was trying to take a picture of a Thunderbird in my sleep, now the hints are coming from outside my head?

    Truth is, I haven’t been much motivated to take photos since the San Francisco trip. I blame the hormones. But I’ve been meaning to get off my lazy butt and go find interesting things outside the bounds of my house and backyard. I guess maybe I need to blow the dust off my poor neglected camera and get back to it.

    New stuff should be up tomorrow 🙂

  5. DH says:

    There is a spare hard drive full of photos that have never seen the light of web. Dogs, dry ice, humming birds, there is plenty of excess material to post.

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