Turkey Therapy

Ackalacka puts

a huge grin on a small face;

a shy sunlight glow


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3 Responses to Turkey Therapy

  1. mushroom says:

    Joy all around. I’m smiling.

  2. julie says:

    I forgot to mention, this is one of my friend Linda’s students. She teaches music at various schools in one of the local districts, and I’ve gone in a couple of times to take photos and video for a project she’s doing. This particular class is for developmentally disabled kids. It’s pretty clear that most of them really love the participation, even if they’re shy about singing. This little girl always has the biggest grin on her face.

  3. snoopmurph says:

    the faintest smiles
    tiny voices hide inside
    listen with your heart

    Thank you for documenting them! This group is always the highlight of my work week.

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