Arizona Snow

fluffy white floaters

prepare to sail away in

a breezy flurry


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2 Responses to Arizona Snow

  1. retriever says:

    Another beauty! You have such a gift. Not just for taking good pictures, but for seeing the beauty at the heart of the everyday world.

    Speaking of beauty at the heart, how many weeks along are you now? And how do you feel?

  2. julie says:

    Thanks, Retriever.

    I’m at 12 weeks now, and the results from last week’s test came back with mostly good news – the baby is extremely unlikely to have any chromosomal abnormalities. I guess I’m at a slightly elevated risk of complications down the road, though – pre-eclampsia, premature delivery, that type of thing, so they’ll be doing some more blood tests later. In all likelihood though, everything will be fine.

    So far, I’ve been extremely fortunate – no sickness to speak of, just generally sleepy and hungry. Otherwise, I feel pretty good!

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