Old and New

ancients cling to life

long enough to kiss the babes

imparting wisdom


Happy New Year!

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9 Responses to Old and New

  1. Happy New Year, Julie!

  2. Ricky Raccoon says:

    Beautiful image, Julie, and haiku.
    Happy New Year!

  3. snoopmurph says:

    She’s back! Happy New Year! Looking forward to starting 2010 with good friends!

  4. retriever says:

    Gorgeous! I have missed your daily pictures and haiku! Hope you had a happy Christmas, and that 2010 is a joyous one for you as you get ready to welcome the new baby.

    What plant is this? It would make a lovely Christmas card…

    love, R

  5. julie says:

    Thanks, Retriever! We had a great Christmas, very fun and relaxing. I’ve been following your posts, but didn’t have much time for commenting; I hope your was good, too.

    I’ve no idea what type of plant this is, it’s one of the ones from when I went on my walk a few weeks back. It seemed a good photo for the transition. Perhaps Walt knows what it is – he has an uncanny knack for identifying plants.

  6. Lucy says:

    Happy New Year, and all good things to you!

  7. Mizz E says:

    Julie, A welcome greeting your photoku is on this New Years morn! Twenty Ten is pregnant with potential for us all. May we ring out the false and ring in the true!!!

    Fortunate blessings to all Raccoons!

  8. walt says:

    Why, certainly. Of course. Piece. of. Cake.
    That’s an Arizonian Mystery Plant.

    Sorry, but I’ve not seen that one before….

    Our best wishes to you guys!

  9. julie says:

    See, I knew I could count on you, Walt 😉

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