Sleep of Innocence

Pre-Christmas slumber

visions of epic battles

mixed with canine warmth


For anyone interested, there will be Flickr updates today, too. The link is in the sidebar.

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3 Responses to Sleep of Innocence

  1. retriever says:

    Love the boy and dog sleeping! And the other pix were fun too. Especially that one P1160916. And the sweet one with the dog asleep on you? family member? Those dogs are gorgeous. Are they Ridgebacks?

  2. julie says:

    The dogs are my vizslas, Lyra and Zoe. The one sleeping under someone’s chin was Zoe with my niece; Zoe likes to creep up as close to people’s faces as the allow her to get. She has no concept of personal space, but sometimes it’s very cute. I’m in the set, but only the last two pictures which were from New Year’s day. I save most of my people shots for the Flickr page, so friends and family can look and share but they aren’t as public.

  3. Teresa says:

    LOL – kids and dogs, nothing is more adorable. Happy New Year!

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