Friday Portrait, Jan. 8

Today’s sitter was Jackie. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so there’s no picture to compare the sketches with. I’m happy with these, though – they’re much better than last time.

I was late again today, but still had time for a dashed-off warm up sketch and two slightly longer ones. I think next week I might go back to using charcoal, if I can remember where I left my drawing stuff.


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5 Responses to Friday Portrait, Jan. 8

  1. walt says:

    The mouth in the third sketch is very interesting. Heh, I think it looks very “real,” even though I have nothing to compare it with.
    (Go Cards! btw)

  2. retriever says:

    Love the expressions! She looks like a nice woman. were you talking as you sketched?

    As to forgetting the whereabouts of your stuff…get used to it. All those hormones surging DO tend to make one forgetful. At least I always found it so. πŸ™‚

  3. julie says:

    Fortunately, I haven’t been too forgetful. My issue has been dropping things; the other day I broke one of the dog dishes when I went to set it down, full of food of course.

    The whereabouts of the charcoals has more to do with how long its been since I’ve used them, plus the fact that they’ve probably been moved a few times. That’s what I get for being disorganized πŸ™‚

  4. Mizz E says:

    Good drawing – all the parts relate proportionately, effortlessly – same as in your boy’s sonogram!

  5. julie says:

    Thanks, Mizze! I was trying not to over think the process, which was a likely big part of the problem the last time.

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