Lizard Brain

in the witching hours

dragons walk the dark recess

of unwaking mind


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7 Responses to Lizard Brain

  1. mushroom says:

    “I’m from the IRS”

  2. f/zero says:

    Good timing – my son just yesterday pointed out how St George dealt with these things. 😉

  3. julie says:

    Oh, cool! Yes, he definitely has your eye 😀

  4. snoopmurph says:


  5. Skully says:

    Reminds me of when I told my wench to stop dragon my heart around…

  6. jwm says:

    I’ll ban you if you disagree with me. I’ll ban all of you! I’ll ban the whole internet!I’ll even ban myself!
    (no apologies to CJ)


  7. julie says:

    Good one, John. I hadn’t even thought of poor ol’ CJ, but I think the expression fits…

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