Shifting Balance

strolling on through a

golden doorway’s melody

time for a new song


It’s time to shake things up a bit ’round here, and also redirect my attention to more pressing concerns for a while. Which is to say, as of tomorrow hopefully I’ll have more to Say in my posting, but I’ll definitely have less to say, here and elsewhere. This cave won’t tidy itself…

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6 Responses to Shifting Balance

  1. mushroom says:

    You just need to get a foot in the door.

  2. f/zero says:

    There’s a certain little someone kickin’ on the door, judging from the reflection.

  3. Ricky Raccoon says:

    If you’re scrubbing behind the toilet tank with a toothbrush because that’s the only brush that will fit back there, this is called “nesting”.

  4. julie says:

    Thankfully, I’m not quite to that point yet. I figure the sooner I take care of the big stuff, the less overwhelmed I’m gonna be when I do get to that stage.

  5. Van says:

    Don’t tread on ye.


  6. Cathy says:


    I love all your haiku.

    This particular picture is wonderful and clever.

    Hope your organizational plans are going smoothly.

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