Easter Egg

This is for all the family who keep asking for a picture:

Photo credit goes to my friend Linda (thanks!). It’s from last weekend at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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12 Responses to Easter Egg

  1. Wow!
    Happy Easter, Julie!

  2. How beautiful you are! How cute your toes are!

    How great with child you are.

    How lovely.


  3. Mom says:

    My beautiful Daughter, you are the picture of the perfect pregnancy! I feel at peace to see you so serene. You would make a garden of stones and weeds turn into a gentle paradise.
    Happy Easter to both of you!

  4. julie says:

    You’ve just perfectly described my backyard (well, except the paradise part. Though we certainly have the snakes in place…)


    Thanks, Mom, and Happy Easter!
    Love, Julie

  5. snoopmurph says:

    I love the new blog look!

    You are probably the most serene mom-to-be that I ever known. (I am taking some cues from your chapter!) You look beautiful and peaceful.

  6. julie says:

    Thanks, Linda. Of course, you being the photographer helped – if memory serves, you were saying “Look down at your belly – that looks great!”


    That was a fun day.

  7. Teresa says:

    What a terrific picture of you! Happy Easter! (nearly belated)

  8. f/zero says:

    Ah! A subject worthy of much contemplation. Happy Easter!

  9. USS Ben says:

    Happy Easter Julie!
    You and baby are beautiful! 🙂

  10. Cathy says:

    Awwww, Honey. I’m not family so I hope you don’t mind my dropping by to say that that is a very sweet picture and a very lucky baby :0)

  11. julie says:

    Thanks, Cathy. Online I have a very broad definition of family 😉

  12. Mike McGreevy says:

    You are beutiful and I have a new background picture replacing moose.
    proud Dad and future Grandpa.

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