Friday Portrait, April 30

Today’s sitter was an English dame, but I didn’t catch her name.

Just the one today, as I was playing with the watercolor pencils. I need to reacquaint myself with the process; for some reason, adding color is much more of a challenge for me than just pouring it on with paint or pastel and then wiping out what doesn’t belong. I’m much more timid this way.

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3 Responses to Friday Portrait, April 30

  1. Love both the photo and the drawing with the watercolor pencils. When I used to draw and paint (an eternity ago) I thought it was good to change media to get out of ruts…Of course, I was just a rotten schoolgirl amateur doing angstey charcoal drawings of the fire escape and No One Feels My Pain junk (my cheeriest gouache painting of a dreaming girl, purply, not exactly perky). I really love how your portraits are as different as your subjects (humanoid or animal). One can see that they are yours, but they are faithful to the individuals you are capturing.

  2. USS Ben says:

    I concur, Retrieverheart. Very good portrait, Julie!!

  3. Bob Agard says:

    Her eyes remind me of Hillary Clinton…but the smile is genuine.

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