Mother’s Day

From a tight closed bud

a vibrant life emerges

mother’s heart is born


Because at the same time a new child is welcomed into the world, other new people also come into being: Mother and Father, who never existed before there was Baby, and who have just as much growing, learning, living and loving to do as the helpless new infant in their arms. In this sense, it is a birth of not one but of three.

So much potential, so much wonder, and so much hope, all waiting to bloom forth from such a tiny beginning…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, especially mine. I hope that I can be just as much for him as you have always been for me.

Love, Julie

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6 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. dloye says:

    Lovely, simply lovely. Am forwarding to the mother of my soon to be granddaughter!

  2. Mizz E says:

    Asking God’s blessing for you Julie, and your dear ones, especially the mothers who gave us life and sustained us with nourishment.

  3. snoopmurph says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Julie (and Julie’s Mom too!)!

  4. Mom says:


  5. Bob Agard says:

    You are so right, Julie. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Cathy says:

    Lovely thoughts and lovely haiku.

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