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5 Responses to Nesting

  1. Rick says:

    Ah ha!
    Step 1. Bring your cell phone
    Step 2. Toothbrush meet back of toilet tank
    Step 3. Call your hubby – you’re stuck between the toilet and the tub!

  2. mushroom says:

    the a nest

  3. julie says:

    Rick, lol!
    I’ll be surprised if it goes that far – we’ll see…

  4. Dang…and I thought I was going to hear about midnight painting and cleaning marathons signalling the Imminent arrival of the wee bairn….:)

    I planted a LOT of pachysandra in the barren strip of dirt in front of the hedge by the road in front of our house, when I had had about all I could stand of pregnancy with my first…seemed to hasten things along.

  5. snoopmurph says:

    I keep looking at my phone for messages, texts…….nest away!

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