Step out a few days,

the plants think they own the place.

A will and a way…


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3 Responses to Fiat

  1. Rick says:

    Just around the time our baby was born — either just before or after — we woke to find a little mushroom growing in our lil apartment bathroom tile. It was real skinny like your fern(?) It was also pretty humid that summer, the bathroom always was. There was no window. I think it went “eek!” when I turned on the light. But, you know, it’s easy to sneak up on naked vegetation.

  2. julie says:

    I think it’s some kind of weed- probably some little seed hitched a ride in with me after doing yard work this spring. I almost went “Eeek!” when I looked down at the shower floor and saw something waving at me from the drain. Sometimes you sneak up on the naked vegetation, sometimes the vegetation sneaks up on a naked you 😉

    While I have great respect for its will to live, it was pulled after the photo shoot. To my relief, it does not appear to have grown in from the neighbor’s yard. Nothing like roots in the drains to rack up the plumbing bills.

  3. f/zero says:

    Somehow that works perfectly with the navel image.

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