Accumulated Sketches

The subject matter is pretty limited right now. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have more opportunities for photos and drawing, but on the other hand it’s a perfect opportunity to stretch my comfort zone by trying to draw a wriggly baby. So here’s what I’ve roughed out in the past couple of weeks:

Even asleep, he’s often only still for a few minutes at a time. Today I tried while he was awake:

Not a likeness, exactly, but I’m happy with the general babyness and expression (which is now becoming rather disgruntled since he’s over there and not over here where he thinks he should be…).


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6 Responses to Accumulated Sketches

  1. Susannah says:

    Those are so sweet, Julie!

  2. Teresa says:

    I love it! You’ll have many a terrific keepsake for when he’s older. More than just the photos – these will be wonderful in 20+ years and will make you happy just to look a them.

    Oh for the ability to draw!

  3. retriever says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Little fuzzy wuzzy, here’s a virtual hug! You have so much talent, Julie. Keep them all in a book, and it’ll run to volumes by the time he’s grown up. Much better than photographs.

  4. mushroom says:

    I agree with Retriever and Teresa — those are great memory makers.

  5. snoopmurph says:

    Precious. I see the arm chunk is coming along nicely. 🙂 I agree with retriever-you have boatloads of talent.

  6. Lucy says:

    Nothing wrong or limited with this subject matter! Wonderful, some of the best drawings of yours I’ve seen I think, and just an excellent thing to do.

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